Hi, I'm Jackie Schwabe

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About Me

Jackie Schwabe is an eCornell facilitator and Founder of Magic Bridges, LLC, a consulting company focused on coaching leaders who newly work from home on how to better manage their personal and professional balance and boundaries. She spent 20+ years in the software development and product management space along with building a few startups along the way. She now teaches and coaches around personal and professional development topics as well as supporting others in their careers in product, project, or program management. 

Prior to running a few different startups, Ms. Schwabe was an eCornell part-time course facilitator and instructor at ITT Tech, a leadership coach at several different companies including Torch and OnLifeCoach, the founder/co-founder or principle at three different startups, and a leader in various product disciplines at Xerox, Primex, NeoSoft, Integrated Medical Partners, American telecare, Honeywell, and the Medical College of Wisconsin. 

Ms. Schwabe received an MBA in Technology Project Management and a BBA in Management Computer Systems. She has numerous certifications and certificates in the areas of business and coaching. She is the mother of four children, including one with special needs. Her personal mission is to help others find the resources, tools, support, and connections they need to be their best-inspired selves at work and at home.